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Tips: Another Use for Wood Shavings
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Another Use for Wood Shavings

When you turn lots of bowls you get lots of shavings. They are good for mulch, but they can also be used for holding a log while you cut it into a bowl blank. This method works especially well for odd-shaped pieces of wood or tree crotches. The shavings keep the round stable and safe while it is being cut.
Bury the piece to a depth of about one-half to three-quarters into the shavings and position it so you are cutting straight down. Make sure you have enough shavings below the piece you are cutting so the chainsaw teeth don’t contact the ground. In addition, make sure there are no other pieces of wood in the shavings as this could cause a kickback.
After cutting the length round on the bandsaw, I bury the blanks in shavings until I am ready to turn them. It can take a few days to make it through a large batch and the wet shavings keep the turning blanks from drying out without having to paint them with sealer. Also, my dogs like the shavings for a bed.



Dan Burleson
Troy, Missouri


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