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The award-winning American Woodturner journal is a premier benefit of membership in the AAW. Published bimonthly, it offers inspiration, education, information, and organization to members of the woodturning community and those who aspire to turn wood. The publication serves amateur and professional woodturners, broadly ranging in age, skill level, and interests, and seeks to attract more youth and women members. Its content encompasses all woodturning-related information, and includes instructional material, feature stories, process articles, artist retrospectives, and profiles of innovative turners.

Features Inside the February 2024 Issue:



  • Turn a Heart on Two Axes - Working on two axes, Michael Anderson explains how you can turn a heart shape on the lathe, from top to bottom and front to back.
  • Shopmade Slip-On Centering Cones - Sometimes a lathe’s stock live center isn’t the right shape to support the job at hand. Carl Ford shows how you can make your own custom slip-on versions easily and inexpensively.
  • Using Photosensitive Dyes on Wood - Wood dyes that cure only when exposed to UV light offer interesting creative possibilities for embellishing turned work, by Dave Buchholz.
  • Urushi: A New Approach to an Ancient Tradition - Japanese turner and urushi artist Eiko Tanaka shares some of the techniques she’ll be demonstrating at the AAW Symposium this year in Portland, Oregon.
  • The Turned and Lacquered Work of Eiko Tanaka - Inspiring work from this specialized artist.

  • Inlay with UV-Curing Resin: Working at the Speed of Light - Scott Grove offers insights into using fast-curing resin, so you can keep on working without delay.
  • Segmented Woodturners Birdhouse Challenge - The Segmented Woodturners, an online AAW chapter, showcases the results of a recent club challenge, by Al Miotke.
  • A Turner’s Company Then and Now: Richard Findley in Profile - Professional British turner Richard Findley makes a living by carrying on the woodturning trade of old, fulfilling mostly utilitarian and architectural commissions, by D Wood.
  • Dreaming in Technicolor: Elizabeth Weber’s Creative Journey - Relatively new to the craft but already teaching and demonstrating, Elizabeth Weber is fully immersed in the woodturning community, by Randi Aiken.

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