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Tip: Golf Ball Depth Stop
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Golf Ball Depth Stop

Many woodturners begin hollowing a bowl by drilling a depth hole. However, this method requires that the drill bit to be marked in some manner to indicate the depth to drill. Marks can be added to drill bits with pen, pencil, chalk, or pieces of tape, none of which are easy to use with any degree of precision.

Because I have used drilled golf balls for tailstock support and numerous other applications, I wondered if a golf ball could serve as an adjustable sleeve to mark the depth point on a drill bit. Most of my bowls are drilled with a ¾" (19 mm) Morse taper bit, so I used the same bit to drill a ¾" (19 mm) hole through a golf ball. I can adjust the position of the ball on the drill bit to indicate the desired depth.

This system worked even better than I expected. The thick tough rubber on the golf ball keeps a snug fit. The position of the ball can be easily adjusted, yet it does not move as the depth hole is drilled. I have also used this system with a 3⁄8" (10 mm) tapered drill bit.


~ Emmett Manley, Lakeland, TN

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