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Keep Turning: August 2018
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August 2018



"The mere presence of a handmade wooden object stirs something inside me; using that object provides something extra. It's a feeling hard to describe, but there is a peaceful humility involved. Perhaps this is why I take special pride in making wooden objects that will be treasured and used by someone. It is a way of sharing who I am and making my mark on the world." ~ Joshua Friend   
Alligator juniper
8.5" diameter x 3.25" tall

In his article, "Celebrating the Functional Wooden Bowl: A Link to Nature," from the October 2011 issue of American Woodturner, Joshua Friend talks about why he enjoys making wooden bowls for use. He says, "The mere presence of a handmade wooden object stirs something inside me; using that object provides something extra. It's a feeling hard to describe, but there is a peaceful humility involved. Perhaps this is why I take special pride in making wooden objects that will be treasured and used by someone. It is a way of sharing who I am and making my mark on the world." Other turners, including Judy Ditmer, Mike Mahoney, Glen Lucas, reflect on the allure of making wooden bowls.

Christian Burchard, globe-trotting woodturner, sculptor, furniture-maker, house-builder, goat-tender, cheese-maker, and much more, reflects on his journey in woodturning in the 2018 AAW Symposium presentation, "A Life Made with These Hands: Predictable Unpredictability and the Nature of Wood." Additionally, Burchard discusses the importance of using one's hands and being creative in uncertain times, along with the pleasure of working with unpredictable materials and not knowing exactly where you're going. Christian Burchard: A Life Made With These Hands (TRT 54:30)


Buttons for Jumbo/Cole Jaws
"Sometimes when using my jumbo/Cole-type jaws to finish the bottom of a bowl, I find the standard buttons are not tall enough. Looking around for something else to use, I noticed synthetic wine corks and decided to try them. I drilled through them on my lathe, held in a set of small spigot jaws. I added some M6-1 × 50mm bolts and the new, longer buttons work super. I have since discovered a commercial product similar to my idea, but mine uses something that would otherwise be thrown away, is fun to obtain (drink responsibly), and costs about $2. Also, they leave no black or other colored marks on the surface of the wood." ~ Don Orr Schenectady, NY

(The following is excerpted from "Turning Wood into Gems," by Colleen Uechi, Maui News.)
Curled wood shavings flew through the air as British woodturner Stuart Batty guided a long-handled tool across the surface of a block of koa. As the rough, squarish block transformed into the smooth, rounded base of a calabash bowl within a matter of minutes, Makawao woodturner Emiliano Achaval could hardly contain his delight. "He is just unbelievable," said Achaval, the president and founder of the Maui Woodturners Association. "Almost no sanding is needed when he's done." Read the rest of the story.


(The following is excerpted from "Groesbeck Woodturner Janice Levi Offers Insight on the 'Poplar' Hobby," by Alexandra Cannon, Groesbeck Journal.)
For more than 15 years, Groesbeck resident Janice Levi has been perfecting her craft of woodturning: creating jewelry, bowls, purses, Christmas ornaments, and more from her home. In her workshop, Levi explained how woodturning differs from woodworking and how the hobby has become an important part of her life. Though Levi fondly remembers as a child holding a turning tool to a piece of scrap wood mounted on her father's old Sears lathe, she didn't take up the hobby until later in life. Read the full story. 

July 11-14, 2019
Experience AAW's 33rd Annual International Woodturning Symposium in Raleigh, NC!
For all skill levels. Demonstrations, lectures, and panel discussions include a beginner learning track, tool handling techniques, hollow forms, segmented turning, lidded boxes, bowls, platters, embellishment techniques, penturning, ornamental turning, spindle turning, and more.
Internationally known demonstrators and expert woodturning talent include Sharon Doughtie, Benoît Averly, Max Brosi, Troy Grimwood, Ashley Harwood, John Jordan, John Lucas, Alan Miotke, Pascal Oudet, Dick Sing, Colwin Way, Kimberly Winkle, Tom Wirsing, and more to be announced.
Come to learn. Leave inspired!

(The following is excerpted from "Artistic Woodturners of Northwest Florida never stop learning," by Mike Suchcicki, Pensacola News Journal.)
At the front of the room sits a large lathe, such as you'd see in the average well-equipped wood shop. Video cameras on either side are focused on the power tool, their images displayed on large monitors. About two dozen men and women are seated in front of the lathe, eagerly awaiting the morning's demonstration. This is the monthly meeting of the Artistic Woodturners of Northwest Florida, a diverse group devoted to the craft of turning, well, just about anything that can be shaped on a woodturning lathe. It's also dedicated to the continued instruction and preservation of the woodturning craft. Read the full story. 

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The Georgia Association of Woodturners' Turning Southern Style has supported Beads of Courage (BOC), a nonprofit that provides innovative, arts-in-medicine supportive care programs for children coping with serious illness. In the past, Turning Southern Style has donated boxes to the BOC program. Additionally, for 2018 Turning Southern Style has partnered with BOC to create artistic spinning tops, which will be used for an upcoming BOC fundraiser called "Reach for the Top." Turning Southern Style will take place September 21-23, 2018, at the Dalton Convention Center in Dalton, GA. If you are planning to attend and would like to make and donate tops for "Reach for the Top," guidelines and inspiration can be found here.



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American Woodturner
Check out the August 2018 issue of American Woodturner, which includes projects, "Spindle-Turned Pencil Box," by Beth Ireland, "Double-Offset Bread Knife," by Paul Coppinger, "Turn an Elegant Neck Torque," by David Springett, and much more! Click here.


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