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Chapter Best Practices

The AAW has compiled a list of best practices to assist local chapters in their endeavors.


All chapters are encouraged to document and share best practices and submit a draft to Linda Ferber at linda@woodturner.org.

The newest best practices are marked with a  .

Chapter Structure

Current Best Practices
Under development!
  • 018 - Starting a New Chapter

  • 044 - Building and Growing a Chapter

  • 048 - Envision, Enable, Energize
  • Archives
  • Bookkeeping Nonprofit Incorporation



Current Best Practices
Under development!

002 - Leadership

003 - Volunteerism

020 - Growing a Chapter

028 - Benefits of Local Membership

034 - Recruiting and Retention

030 - New Member Programs

072 - Mentoring Program

100 - Loyalty Survey

  • 046 - Rewards of Starting a Chapter
  • Directories and Privacy Issues
  • Membership
  • Membership Dues


Meetings & Demonstrations

Current Best Practices

Under development!

004 - Meeting Agendas

031 - President's Challenge

035 - Meeting Frequency and Location

037 - Surveying Members' Interests

038 - Show & Tell

042 - Promoting a Demonstration

051 - Video Set-up for Demonstrations

052 - Planning & Presenting a Useful Demonstration

53 - Handouts


Sample Demonstrator Contract

127 - Building a Safety Shield

Planning & Presenting a Successful Demonstration*

  • Manual
  • Develop a Plan - VIDEO
  • Pre-plan for the Demonstration. Consider time, scope, and equipment - VIDEO
  • Develop the Demonstration - VIDEO
  • Instructional Handouts. A good handout is important to the success of a demonstration. It will help attendees better understand and will be a good take-home guide - VIDEO
  • Instructional Handouts. The how-to steps for creating the important elements of a successful handout - VIDEO

Deliver the Demonstration.

  • Preparation and organization tips - VIDEO
  • Demonstration checklist and tips for the camera operators - VIDEO
  • Relax and enjoy yourself. Have a great demonstration and have fun! - VIDEO

  • 017 - Chapter Audio-Video Systems
  • Demonstration Equipment
  • Gallery
  • Inter-Chapter Demonstrators
  • Professional Demonstrators





*Planning and Presenting a Successful Demonstration - Our thanks to the Chattahoochee Woodturners, who came up with the idea for this presentation, identified Frank B. Penta as the presenter, and arranged for these recordings. No matter how effective a demonstration can be, for most of us learning comes from doing, not just seeing. For this reason, the Chattahoochee Woodturners also have developed a workshop as the next step in training woodturners interested in developing or improving their demonstrations. The Chattahoochee Woodturners project was undertaken and supported by the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) and their Educational Opportunity Grants (EOG). Additional funding from the AAW, EOG program was provided to Tri-County Woodturners (Rudolph Lopez) for video editing. These materials were developed to share with the AAW Local Chapters. Thanks also to Jan DeCamp-Brown.

Safety Guidelines

Current Best Practices

Under development!

060 - Safety Shield

127 - Building a Safety Shield



"National Certificate in Woodturning"

Multi-Club Relations & Events

Current Best Practices

Under development!


  • Ten Tips for a Successful Turning Event
  • Multi-Chapter Competition or Exhibit
  • Multi-Chapter Picnic
  • Organizing Regional Symposiums
  • Symposium Check-List

Member Services

Current Best Practices

Under development!

  • 007 - Vendor Discounts
  • 049 - Rethinking Chapter Library

  • Symposium Checklist
  • Chapter Apparel
  • Mentoring Program
  • Field Trips
  • Sawdust Sessions
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Used Tool Exchange
  • Wood Sources
  • Preservation of Wooden Objects
  • Selecting Materials for Wood Art

Exhibitions & Competitions

Current Best Practices

Under development !

  • Competition Formats
  • Sources for Judges
  • Judging Rules

Publicity & Community Affairs

Current Best Practices

Under development!

  • Craft Fairs
  • Guidebook for AAW local chapters in MN to increase public awareness and appreciation of the art of woodturning
  • News Media
  • Public Teaching
  • School Programs
  • Working with Other Art Groups

Chapter Communications

Current Best Practices

Under development!


  • 040 - Website
  • Mass Email System
  • Phone Tree, Wood Alert


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