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30 Year Anniversary Member Profiles: Mark Wood
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  Member Profile: Mark Wood

January 19, 2017  


Mark Wood enjoys turning a variety of pieces, from bowls to platters.


Mark Wood has always enjoyed a whole list of physical activities: golf, jogging, cycling, swimming, handball... He openly admits that he came into woodturning with absolutely no background in woodworking or art, however he now sees woodturning as a hobby that will take him well into his retirement years while the jogging and handball may fall by the wayside. He credits AAW and his local club, Northeast Florida Woodturning Association, with giving him a creative and enjoyable activity that will last for years to come.
Name: Mark Wood
Hometown: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Turning Experience: 6 years
What motivated you to join AAW?
As a new turner with no prior background in woodworking or art, I saw the AAW as a tool for learning. The more I was exposed to the giving nature of everyone in the AAW, the more I wanted to continue my support. I strongly believe our association is stronger and better through the participation of everyone who enjoys woodturning.
When you look at your turnings, what do you see?  
My turnings are my best attempt to duplicate the design and techniques of all the great turners and potters who have come before me. One day I hope my inner creative self will emerge and bring with it a design unique to me.

Who, or what, was your greatest teacher/influence?
I have learned something from every demonstration I have watched; whether at our monthly club meetings, our annual state symposiums, or the national symposiums. However, the time I grew the most was taking a week long class at Arrowmont with David Ellsworth and at John C. Campbell with Rudolph Lopez.
What was your happiest turning moment?  
My happiest moment in woodturning is every time I finish a piece and place it on the shelf for others to see and enjoy.
What is your favorite wood/tool and why?
My favorite wood is any green wood that has distinctive features. My favorite tool is my lathe. I am blessed to have a Robust American Beauty and it is a better lathe than I am a woodturner.
Where do you see the field of woodturning going?
Woodturning has obviously evolved from creating utilitarian products to an expression of art. I expect this trend to continue.
In addition to woodturning, what other crafts/hobbies have you enjoyed?
Like most, there is no shortage of hobbies in my background. In my past I have focused at various times on handball, golf, jogging, cycling, swimming, triathlon racing, archery, hunting, and fishing. Today, I am most interested in being a good steward of the land through my tree farm and woodturning.
Has being a part of AAW affected your life and work? How?
Without a doubt, the AAW has affected my life in a positive way. First, woodturning has given me a creative and enjoyable activity that I can participate in during my retirement. I view the AAW as the core source from which all information and advancement in woodturning originates. Without the AAW there would not be a Northeast Florida Woodturning Association, and without the NEFWA, I would never have learned how to turn.
What is your favorite project or piece?
While I have many "favorite" pieces, I guess my "Spirit Bowl" best exemplifies my work. It is just a simple bowl that I turned very early in my turning career, but it is a favorite because it represents the fact that you never know what will emerge from the wood once you start turning.

Mark calls his favorite turning "Spirit Bowl" because of the

beautiful and spiritual figure that emerged as he turned the piece. 

How has your local chapter helped you?
Beyond providing the opportunity to meet many new people with a common interest, virtually everything I know about woodturning traces back in some manner to my local club.  
We hope you have enjoyed the Anniversary Profiles we shared with you in 2016. They were a great way to help us commemorate the AAW's 30th year. Inspired by positive feedback on this series, we've decided to continue sharing member stories, but with an expanded scope to include those who joined the AAW later and have had (or are having) a significant impact on our organization's success. We hope you enjoy these member profiles!
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