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AAW's 31st Annual International Symposium
Kansas City, Missouri
June 22-25, 2017

The AAW extends a huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended the symposium in Kansas City.

We hope you enjoyed your experience and took away useful techniques, treasured friendships, and maybe even a little something from the trade show and auctions as a memento!

We are especially grateful to the following 300+ VOLUNTEERS (listed below) whose contributions were instrumental in making the event successful.

You all put in a tremendous amount of work. Without you, there would not have been a symposium.

NOTE: We apologize if we have missed any volunteer names. If you know of a volunteer that is not listed, please notify kim@woodturner.org.


Bill Akers - Independence Woodturners
Mike Albers - Kansas City Woodturners
Jim Anderson - Utah Association of Woodturners
Mark Augare - Independence Woodturners
Ron Bahm - New Mexico Woodturners
Marian Bailey - Woodturners of Olympia
William Baker - Independence Woodturners
Kay Baker - Independence Woodturners
Nicole Baker - Independence Woodturners
Barry Baker - Independence Woodturners
Chris Bannister - Honolulu Woodturners
Jim Bannister - Honolulu Woodturners

Jim Barbour, Piedmont Triad Woodturners Association
Earl Bartell - Seattle Chapter
Bob Bartlett - Southern Bayou Woodturners
Roger Basrak - Chicago Woodturners
Julie Basrak - Chicago Woodturners
Rotem Ben Zeev  
Ed Bergstedt - Kansas City Woodturners
Edward Bergstedt - Kansas City Woodturners
Sue Bergstrand - Kansas City Woodturners
Dennis Biggs - Flint Hills Woodturners
Don Bird - Independence Woodturners
David Blair - Kansas City woodturners
DeAnna Blair - Kansas City Woodturners
Cathy Blake - Kansas City Woodturners
Jeff Bonem - Northeast Oklahoma Woodturners
Robert Boone - Independence Woodturners
Sienna Bosch - Rocky Mountain Woodturners
Jeffrey Brann - Mid South Woodturners
Randy Bray - Independence Woodturners
Sally Breeden - New Mexico Woodturners
Jim Breeden - New Mexico Woodturners
Kelly Bresnahan - Bay Lake Woodturners
Robert Brewer - Pikes Peak Woodturners
Sid Bright - Southwest Idaho Woodturners
Linda Britt - Georgia Association of Woodturners
Terry Brown - Northern Illinois Woodturners
Melvin Bryan - Independence Woodturners
John Buccioni - Toronto Woodturners Guild
Clarke Buchanan - Cape Cod Woodturners
Eric Bultman  
Rick Bywater - Kansas City Woodturners
Ron Campbell - Georgia Association of Woodturners
Dan Carlson - Kansas City Woodturners
Linda Carlson - Kansas City Woodturners
Ann Casey  
Andy Chen Gulf Coast Woodturners
Ellen Connell - Kansas City Woodturners
Chris Connell - Kansas City Woodturners
Linda Connelly  
Allen Cook - Kansas City Woodturners
Allan Cooper - Kansas City Woodturners
Mark Cordes - Kansas City Woodturners
Linda Coss  
Hugh Cowart - North Florida Woodturners
Judy Cowart - North Florida Woodturners
Kris Coyan - Kansas City Woodturners
Lisa Coyan - Kansas City Woodturners
Katrina Coyan - Kansas City Woodturners
Aron Crittendon - Kansas City Woodturners
Blain Dalrymple - Arizona woodturners
Del Davidson - Kansas City Woodturners
Dick Day - Northland Wooturners & Kansas City Woodturners
Ronald Day Dakota Woodturners
David Delker - Flint Hills Woodturners  
David DeSimone - Kansas City Woodturners
Larry Dice - Kansas City Woodturners
Norman Dill - Northwestern Michigan Woodturners
Karen Dill - Northwestern Michigan Woodturners
Steve Doerr  
Susan Dollar - Southwest Missouri Woodturners
Henry Doolitttle - MidColumbia Woodturners
Jeanne Douphrate - Alamo Woodturners
Carol Ellis - New Mexico Woodturners
James Ellsworth - Peace River Wood Turners
Gary Ellsworth - Independence Wood Turners
Greg Ellyson - Ames Area Woodturners  
Mike Erickson - Kansas City Woodturners
Beth Erickson - Kansas City Woodturners
Janese Evans - Minnesota Woodturners Association
Marvin Ewing - Louisville Area Woodturner
Hilde Ewing - Central Ohio Woodturners
Edward Feldman  
John Fisher - Glendale Woodturners Guild
Ken Fissel Carolina Mountain Woodturners
John Freeland - Independence Woodturners
Robert Frerking - Independence Woodturners
Dennis Fuge - Bucks and New Jersey Woodturners
Sandra Fuller - The Villages Turner Group
Dave Gamet - Northland Woodturners
Fabiane Garcia  
Peter Gerstel - Olympic Peninsula Chapter
Ron Gerton - Mid Columbia Woodturners
Dennis Gibson  
Peter Gibson - Cascade Woodturners
Lester Gillett Independence Woodturners
Daryl Gray - Indiana County Woodturners Association of PA
Joseph Greisen - Kansas City Woodturners
Cindy Guard Tidewater - Turners of Virginia
Vern Hadsall - Kansas City Woodturners
Rich Hall-Reppen - Chicago Woodturners & Windy City
David Halter - Northland Woodturners
David P Harp - Finger Lakes Woodturners
Ben Hayes - Kansas City Woodturners
Jay Heryet
Joe Himes - Woodturners of Southwest Missouri
Patty Hines  
Ross Hirst - Flint Hills Woodturners & Kansas City Woodturners
Kenneth Hoag  
Gary Hobbie - Flint Hills Wood Turners
Nancy Hoeing - Woodturners of St Louis
John Hoeing - Woodturners of St Louis
Phil Holtan - Minn-Dak Woodturners & Minnesota Lakes Woodturners
Jim Hooper - Independence Woodturners
Joe Houpt - Woodturning Guild of Ontario & Toronto Woodturning Guild
Michael Hughes - Central Ohio Woodturners
Greg Hull - Independence Woodturners
Angie Hummer - Mid-Maryland Woodturners
John Hunter - Honolulu Woodturners

Terry Hurst - Central Alberta Woodturners Guild
Gloria Hurst - Central Alberta Woodturners Guild
Tom Hynek  
Jerry James - Kansas City Woodturners
Ed Jaszczak - Kansas City Woodturners

Mikeal Jones - Independence Woodturners
Mary Anna Kellerman - Kansas Association of Woodturners
Kim Kenney - Stateline Woodturners
Mark Kielpinski - Dakota Woodturners
Rebecca Kielpinski - Dakota Woodturners
Lois Kimery - Independence Woodturners
Randy Kimery - Independence Woodturners
Lou Kinsey  
Josh Kovac - KCWW Guild
Scott Krause - Zumbro Valley Woodturners
Andy Krum - KCWW Guild
Bill Kuhlman - Kansas City Woodturners
John Lane - Alaska Woodturners Association
Lendell Layman 
Janice Levi - Brazos Valley Woodturners & Gulf Coast Woodturners Association
Matthew Lewis  
Tim Locke - Kansas City Woodturners
Bill Loitz - Glendale Woodturners Guild
Cynthia Mack - South Saskatchewan Woodturners Guild
William (Scott) Maddox - Lighthouse Woodturners
Rich McCartney - Kansas City Woodturners
Pat McCartney - Kansas City Woodturners
Donald McCloskey - Chicago Wood Turners
Gennifer McCrory - Magnolia Woodturners
Debra McFarland - Southwest Missouri Woodturners
Dennis McGill - Northwood Turners
Kate McMahon - Kansas City Woodturners
Joan McMahon - Kansas City Woodturners
Shaun McMahon - Kansas City Woodturners
Jerry McMaster - Kansas City Woodturners
Linda McMaster - Kansas City Woodturners
Mike McReynolds - Independence Woodturners
Debbi McReynolds - Independence Woodturners
David Means - Mid MO Woodturners

Hal Metlitzky - Orange County Woodturners, CA
John Meuler - Des Moines Woodturners Inc.
Cathy Meyer - Central Indiana Chapter AAW
Dan Michener - Chinook Woodturning Guild
Wayne Miller - Segmenters, South Shore Woodturners
Jalayne Miller - Independence Woodturners
Cliff Miller - Independence Woodturners
Larry Miller - Woodturners of Olympia
Allen Miller - Tampa Lighthouse
Brenda Miotke - Chicago Woodturners
Don Mitchell  
Andrew Mitchell - Kansas City Wood Turners Club
Ken Moberg - Kansas City Woodturners
Jeff Moffett - Kansas City Woodturners Club
Richard Moist - Southwest Missouri
Faye Mrozek - Mid Minnesota Association of Woodturners & Minnesota Woodturners Association
Kevin Neelley - Kansas City Woodturners
Iris Neelley - Kansas City Woodturners
John Nicholas - South Kansas Woodturners and Spin Masters
Jason Niemackl - Kansas City Woodturners
Matt Nowak Kansas - City Woodturners
Josh Owen Kansas - City Woodturners
Rosemary Pagura - Chicago woodturners
Mark Palma - Chippewa Valley Woodturners Guild & Minnesota Woodturners Association
Marc Paulson - Minnesota Woodturners Association
Andrea Peery  
Norm Peters - Kansas City Woodturners
Keith Petersen - Kansas City Woodturners
Andy Phillips - Coastal Bend Woodturners

Jim Piper - Cascade Woodturners

Kate Potocnik  
Kip Powers - Stateline Woodturners
Trish Pratt - Carolina Mountain Woodturners

Ed Pretty, Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild

Steve Pritchard - Georgia Association of Woodturners
John Pryor - Independence Woodturners
Jim Reamer  
George Rexroad  
Bob Reynolds - Cape Cod Woodturners
Jerry Rhoads - Flatland Woodturners
Joe Rittman  
Tom Romanin  
Linda Rose  
Phil Royer - Independence Woodturners
Charles Sapp - Woodturners of St Louis
Dale Sapp - Woodturners of St Louis
Joanne Sauvageau - Edmonton Woodturners Guild
Bud Schenke Kansas - City Woodturners
Joseph Schlawin - Illiana Woodturners
James Schubert - Catoctin Area Turners  
David Scott - Northland Wood Turners
Jerry Senteney - Woodturners of Southwest MO
Stuart Shanker - Kansas City Woodturners
Tom Shields - Flint Hills Woodturners
Phill Sikes - Kansas City Woodturners
Chip Siskey - Northland Woodturners
Thomas Sloan - First State Woodturners
Marjorie Sloan - First State Woodturners
Nan Sloan  
Colin Slocum - Northeast Florida Woodturners
Cliff Smith - Independence Woodturners
David H Southern - Arizona Woodturners
Bob Speier - Kansas City Woodturners
Michael Straughn - Independence Wood Turners
Michael Thomas - Kansas City Woodturners
Andrew Thomas - Kansas City Woodturners
Emily Thomas - Kansas City Woodturners
Janet Thomas - Kansas City Woodturners
Kent Townsend - The Northland Woodturners
Bruce Trojan - Finger Lakes Woodturners Association
Steve Tyner - Independence Woodturners
Wanda Umber - New Mexico Woodturners
Bob Valentine - Kansas City Woodturners
Botho von Hampeln - Bytown Woodturners
Walt Wager - North Florida Woodturners & Northeast Florida Woodturners
Ted Wakeman - Kansas City Woodturners
Roy Wall - Independence Woodturners
Darrell Whisenhunt - Southeast Oklahoma Woodturners
Lee Whiteside - Quad Cities
Hugh Widdup - Golden Horseshoe Woodturners Guild
Paul Williams - Quad City Wood Turners
Bruce Williams - Palm Beach County Woodturners
Ron Williams - MinnDak Woodturners
June Winter  
Molly Winton - Seattle Chapter AAW

Joan Witt, Gilbert, AZ
Harold Young - Lees Summit Wood Guild

AAW's 31st Annual International Symposium in Kansas City, Missouri

June 22-25, 2017

Kansas City Convention Center

301 West 13th Street, Kansas City, MO 64105

Come learn. Leave inspired.

The conference will bring together more than more than 1,500 turners from around the globe to learn, share, and celebrate the art and craft of woodturning making it the largest woodturning event in the world.
For registered attendees, the Symposium features classroom-style demonstrations led by internationally known woodturners and top woodturning talent, as well as topics that appeal to wide variety of skill levels — bowls, boxes, vessels, hollow forms, spheres, spindle turning, multiaxis turning, segmented turning, natural edge turning, ornament, jewelry, finishing techniques, surface design, texture and embellishment, to name a few.
Many events are open to the public, including an enormous trade show jam-packed with the newest woodturning products, tool and lathe manufacturers, and supplies; an Instant Gallery and themed exhibitions; as well as benefit auctions and opportunities to support local charities.

Click here to see an overview of symposium features (7 pages).

Special Interest Night, June 22

The action begins on Thursday evening, June 22, with sessions for focused disciplines, including Ornamental Turners, Principally Pens, and Segmented Woodturners. Small group meetings, such as Women in Turning, woodturning teachers, and young turners, will take place along with forums on other relevant woodturning subjects.

Richard Raffan: “A Life of Turning and Teaching”

Also on Thursday night, internationally esteemed woodturner, author, and instructor, Richard Raffan will reflect on his path in life and in turning. Raffan holds a rare position among contemporary woodturners by maintaining the values of turning as a trade by producing high quality functional work. He is a recipient of the AAW’s Professional Outreach Program (POP) 2012 Merit Award for his extensive contributions to the turning field and as an acknowledgment that traditional turning should continue to be recognized and respected by the contemporary turning world.

Rotations and Events, June 23-25

The agenda continues Friday - Sunday, June 23-25, with a super selection of demonstrations and panel discussions that will appeal to wide variety of skill levels—bowls, boxes, vessels, hollow forms, spheres, spindle turning, multiaxis turning, segmented turning, natural edge turning, ornament, jewelry, finishing techniques, surface design, texture and embellishment, and more. Classroom-style rotations will be led by internationally known woodturners, veteran instructors, and top woodturning talent. No other event offers as many opportunities to learn from the world’s best.

Want to be an exhibitor in our trade show?

Please contact Erica Nelson at erica@pierreproductions.com or 763-497-1778.




Click here to learn about advertising in the AAW Symposium Handout Book and other advertising opportunities with the AAW.



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