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2016 Symposium - Atlanta
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AAW's 30th Annual Int'l Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia

June 9-12, 2016

Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart

The AAW extends a huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended the symposium in Atlanta.
We hope you enjoyed your experience and took away useful techniques, treasured friendships, and maybe even a little something from the trade show and auctions as a memento!

We are especially grateful to the following 300+ VOLUNTEERS whose contributions were instrumental in making the event successful...
David P Albright
Rich Aldrich
James Allison
Trevor Andersen
Michael Anderson
Frank Anson
Lois Ashley
Sally Ault
Marlan Bailey
Rick Baker
Donna Banfield
Jim Bannister
Chris Bannister
Jim Barbour
Jeff Barnes
Andy Bennett
Marlon Bernstein
Louis Berson
David Betler
Dixie Biggs
Rod Bland
David Bledsoe
Cindy Boehrns
Lonnie Bott
Josee Bourgoin
Frank Bowers
Terry Brandin
Sally Breeden
Gordon Brewer
Chelsea Bridges
Jane Bridges
Steve Brisco
Linda Britt
Sandra Brown Yarger
Ron Browning
Bill Bulloch
Ronnie Burgstiner
Sally Burnett
Mary Ann Byers
Richard Byers
Daniel Callahan
Jack Capps
Ron Carrabotta
Colleen Casey
Roderick Castle
Natalia Cebollero
Andrew Chen
David Clark
Jason Clark
Norman Cloutier
Carol Collins
Janet Collins
Kenn Conte
Nick Cook
Steve Cook
Brett Corrieri
Connie Costelle
James Cottle
Paul Courtwright
Judy Cowart
Dennis Curtis
Samuel Daigle
Jane Daniel
George Daughtry
Carl Davis
Julie Davis
Rockwell Davis
Rocky Davis
Terry Daw
Carmen De La Paz
Nicolaas Deal
DiAnna Dekle
John Dekle
Elizabeth Denton
Wyatt Denton
Joene DePlancke
Barbara Dill
Joe Dion
Andy DiPietro
Judy Ditmer
Al Donahue
Henry Doolittle
Hugo Dorfling
Wells Doty
David Douphrate
Jeanne Douphrate
Dan Douthart
David Dudney
Terry Duffey
Jim Ellsworth
David Elwart
William Engels
Steve Epperson
Tom Essex
Bennie Evans
Hilde Ewing
Marvin Ewing
Ricki Felsen
Ken Fissel
Gary Fleenor
Sue Fox
Dion Fralick
John Francis
John Freeman
Karen Freitas
Betty Fugate
Dennis Fuge
Alan Ganek
Eric Garner
Tucker Garrison
Stephanie George
Cynthia Carden Gibson
Laverda Godfrey
Eric Godwin
Jay Gorday
Sue Gorday
Nancy Graham
Daryl March Gray
Betsy Griffin
Robert Haarer
Gary Hales
Mark Haller
Duane Hardesty
Jim Hardy
Uli Hardy
David Harp
Steve Harris
Kay Haskill
B. J. Hatcher
Kristin Haugan
Wally Haugan
Chris Haynes
Susan Haynes
Don Heath
Clark Helton
Roger Hendrickson
Dawn Herndon-Charles
Eugene Hertzler
Jon Marc Himes
Stephen Hlasnicek
Bob Hovde
Tara Huff
Sandy Huse
Jim Hutchinson
Mickey Hutchinson
Beth Ireland
Wanda Jefferson
Raul Jimenez
Wayne Johnson
Gerry Jones
Wes Jones
Don Jovag
Jeanne Jovag
Howard Julian
Jeff Kahn
Suzanne Bonsall Kahn
Rohit Kent
Jack Kerwood
Dawn King
Lou Kinsey
Barbara Koepke
C W Kreimer
David Laney
Ana Marie Lappegard
Keith Larrett
Dale Larson
Donna Lauzon
Len Layman
Joan Lech
Dan Lee
Barbara Levan
Charlie Levan
Hanley Lewis
Brian Libby
Art Liestman
Charles Lobaito
Joy Lobaito
Dave Long
Karen Long
Rudolph Lopez
Bob Lough
Theresa Lovallo
Bill Lynch
Ross Lynch
Ed Malesky
Jeff Marshall
Jeffery Masi
Niall Matheison
Kathe Mayer
Kathy McCall
Sean McCanon
Pat Mccartney
Richard Mccartney
Larry McClish
Dennis McCormick
Danny McCravy
Jane McCravy
Doug McCulloch
Kevin McDonald
Donna McGinty
Renhard McLaurin
Bill McMahan
Steve Mellott
Hal Metlitzky
Harvey Meyer
Kate Meyer
Judy Miller
Larry Miller
Elizabeth Mobley
Larry Montagne
Lyn Montagne
Tim Moore
Wayne Morris
Doris Morse
Jack Morse
Joy Moss
Heather Muckley
Kim Muthersbough
Sandy Muthersbough
Michael Nathal
Cindy Navarro
John Nielsen
Leonard Niemi
Alison O'Donnell
Thomas Olechiw
Mark Palma
Fred Palmer
Walter Panek

Glen Parham
Walker Patrick
Joseph Patterson
Debbie Payne
Joseph Penn
Ed Perkerson
Anthony Perry
Dawn Petri-George
Sue Petrosky
Bruce Pharis
Andy Phillips
? Plansky
Ronald Plumley
Michael Poorman
Greg Potter
Steve Prichard
Scott Questad
Tania Radda
Toni Ransfield
Joseph Ransmeier
Diane Reamer-Evans
Wayne Reeves
Ann Richichi
Peter Richichi
Darby Rickard
Daryl Rickard
Michael Riley
Stan Ritter
Sue Ritter
Prudence Robins
Bob Rotche
Scarlette Rouse
Jim Rudert
John Rudert
Trudy Rudert
Keith Rueckert
Carol Ruminski
Joe Ruminski
David Rush
Belinda Rust
Richard Rust
John Salib
Harry Saunders
Joanne Sauvageau
Merryll Saylan
Betty Scarpino
Peggy Schmid
Jeffrey Schnell
James Schubert
Charles Self
Richard Service
Ronald Sheehan
Jennifer Shirley
Jim Sibley
Mark Sillay
Marge Sloan
Tom Sloan
Laura Spelbring
Ralph Sprang
John Stanton
Judy Stanton
Chris Stauff
Clifford Steele
John Stewart
James (Jimmy) Stripling
Andi Sullivan
Liz Summers
Robert Summers
Tim Swihart
Roger Sword
Jim Talley
Phyllis Talley
Del Tanner
Linda Tkacs
Kat Tomiczek
Gregory Torrescano
Hy Tran
Brenda Uekert
Rick Urban
Don Vande Hei
Waukeene Vinson
Beth Virden
Stan Virden
Botho Von Hampeln
Walter Wager
Del Walker
Marjin Wall
Rob Wallace
Pamela Walukas
Mark Waninger
Roger Weinreber
Peggy Wharrick
Peter Wilcox
Leah Wilde
Andy Wilkerson
Wayne Wills
Joanne D Wilson
Kimberly Winkle
Helga Winter
James Wiseman
Karen Wiseman
Jerry Witt
Joan Witt
Mark Wollschlager
Kevin Wood
Arthur Worth
Robin Wortman
Roy Yarger
Ronald Yates
Kenn Young
Bud Zalesky
Jan Zander
Malcolm Zander


NOTE: We apologize if we have missed any volunteer names. If you know of a volunteer that is not listed, please notify kim@woodturner.org.


The free Guidebook app for mobile devices will be available for the AAW 2016 Symposium. With the app, you'll have all the rotations, demonstrators, trade show exhibitors, floor plans, and messaging at your fingertips.The Guidebook is ready to install now and you can save time by downloading the app before the symposium.

10 Reasons You’ll Want to Join Us

AAW’s 30th annual international symposium will be held at the Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart, Atlanta, Georgia, June 9–12, 2016. The connected Atlanta Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel will be our host hotel. Known for “Gone with the Wind,” Martin Luther King, Jr., The Carter Center, Ted Turner, Hank Aaron, and Coca-Cola, Atlanta is overflowing with southern charm. AAW’s symposium offers you an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and intrigue of Atlanta, while enhancing your woodturning experience and enjoying the company of others who share your enthusiasm.

AAW is Turning 30

You like to celebrate. The AAW has played a crucial role in the development of contemporary woodturning and wood art since 1986. We’ve led a dramatic transformation of the craft over the past three decades. Together at the AAW symposium, we’ll be able to celebrate this milestone and the dedicated people who got us started.

World-Class Demonstrators

You appreciate an exceptional woodturning demonstration. The symposium offers three-and-a-half days of classroom-type demonstrations and panel discussions led by internationally known woodturners, veteran instructors, and top woodturning talent. No other event offers as many opportunities to learn from the world’s best. Learn more.

All Skill Levels Welcome

You’re a beginning woodturner—or a veteran. Whatever your skill level, the AAW symposium offers something for you. You’ll be able to select from the broad range of demonstrations and panel discussions to focus on sessions that will enhance your experience wherever you are on your woodturning journey. You’ll take away knowledge, tips, and techniques that will last a lifetime.

Broad Topic Area Appeal

You are interested in special topic areas and in connecting with affinity groups. AAW’s wide assortment of learning areas covers classic bowl turning, surface carving and embellishment, segmented turning, hollow vessels—and more! Plus, our growing number of affinity groups includes segmented turners, ornamental turners, pen turners, multi-axis turners, women turners, disabled turners, and youth turners.

Excellent Value

You know a good value when you see one. AAW’s symposium packs in more high-quality learning opportunities for woodturners than any other event in the world. Sign up early for discounted registration and special hotel group rates. Receive a full-color handout book loaded with information, techniques, and insights from demonstrators. Our symposium Guidebook app for mobile devices will help you keep the rotations, demonstrators, floor plans, and messaging at your fingertips.

Huge Woodturning Tradeshow

You like to see the latest and greatest woodturning products up close and in action. AAW’s enormous tradeshow will be jam-packed with the newest woodturning products, tool and lathe manufacturers, and supplies. You’ll be able to observe a range of ongoing demonstrations, hold tools in your own hands, see tricks and techniques, and kick some tires.

Lifelong Connections

You enjoy interacting with others who share your passion for woodturning. AAW’s symposium is an opportunity to step out of your shop and tap into the greater woodturning community. With a culture of cooperation, camaraderie, and sharing, you’ll be able to gain knowledge and relationships that will last a lifetime, socialize with friends, establish and renew connections, and schmooze.

World’s Largest Display Of Turned-Wood Objects

You’re inspired by the turnings of others and value the opportunity to display your own work. Whatever your skill level, you can bring up to three pieces of your work to display in our huge instant gallery and participate in the largest show of turned-wood objects under one roof. Our themed exhibits, Turning 30 and Patterns, will draw collectors and galleries from around the country. You’ll be inspired by the broad selection of exhibition work and have an opportunity for your own work to get noticed.

Give Back to Others

You are passionate about woodturning and like to “pay it forward.” AAW’s symposium offers you opportunities to support charitable causes, including Empty Bowls, Beads of Courage, AAW’s Tool Bank, as well as education and outreach programs. Donate or purchase a turned item to benefit a charitable cause. Bid high in our auctions to support woodturning education and outreach programs. It’s good karma. Learn more.

Affordable Family Activities

You want to bring family along for the ride. AAW’s Youth Program offers free, instructor-led, hands-on woodturning instruction for kids ages 10 to 18 (with a paid adult, preregistration required). Sow the seeds for a lifelong love of woodturning. Learn more about Youth Program. In addition to browsing our exhibitions, galleries, and tradeshow, your registered non-turner spouse, partner, or adult guest is invited to participate in a variety of creative activities and tours while you attend woodturning rotations through AAW’s Companion Program. Learn more about Companion Program. What’s more, Atlanta offers inexpensive fun for families, older adults, and everyone in between.






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