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Demonstrators & Schedule
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Demonstrators & Panelists

DEMONSTRATORS (Alphabetical)

Richard Angus, Connecticut
•How Knife-Edge Tools Cut
•Endgrain Lidded Box

Mark Baker, England
•Lidded vessels—repeated in each rotation with changes in surface enhancement for each
•Turned and surface-enhanced bowls
•Classical tazza
•Contemporary tazza

Stuart Batty, Colorado
•Perfecting the Art of Cutting
•Bowl Turning with the 40/40 Grind
•The Seven Setup Fundamentals

Jerry Bennett, Texas
•Segmentology: taking the guesswork out of cutting accurate segments
•Wood sculpture techniques in large scale
•Open-aligned vessels

Michael Brolly, Pennsylvania
•Sandblasting for dramatic effect
•Sandblasting to tell stories

Jack Brown, Pennsylvania
•Scalloped Christmas Ornament with Five Points

Christian Burchard, Oregon
•30 Years of Wrestling with Wood
•Green Turned Hollow Vessels
•In Praise of Green  Wood
•Turning Spheres Freehand

Kip Christensen, Utah
•Principles and Techniques of Clean Cutting

Jason Clark, Arizona
•Unconventional Hollow Form—Turning the Torus

Nick Cook, Georgia
•Light up your life with turned table lamps
•Turned for use: production items for the marketplace
•Turning pepper mills and salt shakers

Barbara Dill, Virginia
•How to Understand Multiaxis Spindle Turning
•The Challenge and Magic of Multiaxis Spindle Turning (slide show)
•Using the Lathe as a Carving Tool

Cindy Drozda, Colorado
•Maximizing Burl Figure
•Fabulous Finials

David Ellsworth, Pennsylvania
•Hollow form from a log using Ellsworth Signature gouge and hollowing tools of his own design
•Open bowl from half log using Ellsworth Signature gouge
•Natural edge open bowl from half log using Ellsworth Signature gouge

Dick Gerard, Indiana

•Turning and Decorating Spheres

Ashley Harwood, South Carolina
•Turning for Jewelry
•Rim and Foot Design on a Bowl

Stephen Hatcher, Washington
•Creating Unique Bowl and Platter Accents
•Feet, Lid, and Finial Techniques
•The Half-Moon Form

Lyle Jamieson, Michigan
•Foundations of bowl turning
•Foundations of hollow form turning
•Thin-walled goblet
•Advanced hollow form techniques

Steve Kennard, Canada
•Making a “teardrop” box from African blackwood
•Making a cylindrical box with decorative rings—Part 1 of 2: preparation and assembly of decorative inlaid rings
•Making a cylindrical box with decorative rings—Part 2 of 2: turning box blank, sizing and fitting lid, and hollowing to accept a burl lining
•Looking at surface embellishment using texturing techniques

Jerry Kermode, California
•Natural-edge Bowls with a Stitch
•Beginning Bowls and Plates

Craig Kirks, Minnesota
•Curved design elements for segmented woodturnings
•Methods and jigs for accurate segmented work
•Making a torus (doughnut shaped) segmented vessel

Hubert Landri, France
•Manufacturing a Ladle
•Making a Tea Pot

Janice Levi, Texas
•Pyrography Basics

Alain Mailland, France
•Turning and carving a carnivore flower, including use of Escoulen chuck, steam bending, hollowing, and carving
•Turning and carving a tree and flower from a French root burl
•Turning a coral nest using Escoulen chuck
•How I realize: a slideshow story of my inspirations and process
•Overview of French contemporary woodturning, slideshow

JoHannes Michelsen, Vermont
•Full-sized wearable hats, different styles for each rotation
•Miniature hats
•Ancillary hat items: mirror frames from waste rings, wall racks, and stands for hats

Pascal Oudet, France
•French dentelle (French lace) from green wood, with sandblasting
•Combining turning and carving: making of a teapot
•What’s going on in France: slideshow of recent work by French woodturners
•Making an original box

Joey Richardson, England
•Thin-walled turning, piercing, and texturing from green wood
•Floral form design, texturing, and carving
•Airbrushing and color to capture the mood and story of each piece

Avelino Samuel, St. John, Virgin Islands
•Turning and layout of spiral-carved side-lying vessel
•Carving, sanding, and texturing a spiral-carved side-lying vessel
•Turning and layout of spiral-carved vessel with convex and concave segments
•Carving the spiral-carved vessel with convex and concave segments
•Turning finials, collars, and feet

Mark St. Leger, Virginia
•Rock-A-Bye box
•Square lidded box

Ted Sokolowski, Pennsylvania
•Making a Peppermill or Saltmill

Jason Swanson, Wisconsin
•Constructing a Staved Segmented Turning Blank

Neil Turner, Australia

•Open Form with Coral Texture
•Sea Urchin Box

Jacques Vesery, Maine
•The need for beauty in bowls; good form attracts good function
•Concepts in design and form; form trumps pretty wood
•Inspiration, challenge, and evolution; works by J. Vesery,image presentation and discussion

Molly Winton, Washington
•Making and Use of Homemade Pyrography Brands
•Intro to Surface Enhancements


Tim Yoder, Oklahoma
•Video for Clubs and Demonstrators


David Lindow, John Calver, Brad Davis, Roy Lindley, Gary Miller, Jon Spencer, Charles Waggoner

•Fluted Acorn Box with Threaded Lid
•Ornamental Turning by Index Work
•Introduction to Ornamental Turning and Rose Engines
•Patterns with Drills
•Making Shaped Boxes
•Threading on the Lathe


•Kristin LeVier


•Helga Winter




Artist Show Case-How We Got There: Malcolm Zander, Helga Winter, Kristin LeVier
Chasing Professionalism: David Ellsworth, Jerry Kermode
How to Critique, Evolve, and Learn from the Experience: Jacques Vesery
Signature, Branding and Marketing: Derek Weidman, Ashley Harwood, Cynthia Gibson
Significant Moments in Contemporary Woodturning: Steve Loar
What is Art Anyway? Jacques Vesery, Sharon Doughtie
Assumptions in Woodturning: Betty Scarpino, Dixie Biggs, Sharon Doughtie, Steve Loar
Woodturning with Disabilities: Andi Sullivan, Jeff Bennett, Bill Hayes, Dave Hinkelman
Diversity in Wood Art: Going Beyond boundaries: John Beaver, Jeff Bernstein, Andy DiPietro, David Ellsworth
Iterations of Work: (POP lecture): Sharon Doughtie
Iterations of Work (panel discussion): Sharon Doughtie, Betty Scarpino



•Bob Behneke
•Dixie Biggs
•Steve Cook
•Sharon Doughtie

•Barry Gross
•Kristin LeVier
•Steve Loar
•Larry Miller
•Ken Nelson
•Binh Pho
•Betty Scarpino
•Andi Sullivan

•Helga Winter
•Malcolm Zander





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