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2015 Pittsburgh
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The AAW extends a huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended the symposium in Pittsburgh.

We hope you enjoyed your experience and took away useful techniques, treasured friendships, and maybe even a little something from the trade show and auctions as a memento!

Click here to learn who received awards.

We are especially grateful to the following 300+ VOLUNTEERS whose contributions were instrumental in making the event successful...


David Allen
Tina Allik
Mary Anderson
Michael Anderson
Leslie Ash
Rick Auge
Chris Bannister
Jim Bannister
Jim Barbour
Chris Barrett
Mike Bauman
Louisa Berson
John Beaver
David Betler
Sally Betler
Keith Betscher
Sharon Bierman
Dixie Biggs
Jeff Biss
Bill Blasic
Michael Bogie
Kailee Bosch
Trent Bosch
Russ Braun
James Brenza
Kelly Bresnahan
Linda Britt
Jeff Brody
Max Brosi
Diane Brown
Jack Brown
Phil Brown
Ronald Browning
Dave Brunger
Terry Buetikofer
Jim Bumpas
Sally Burnett
Thomas Cadwalader
Scott Camazine
Marianne Campbell
Roderick Castle
Yu Sun Chang
Carole Charbonneau
Ed Charbonneau
Andrew Chen
Jim Cherbonneau
Wendy Chicora
Jim Christiansen
Jason Clark
Norman Cloutier
Clayton Cochran
Andy Cole
Michael Colella
Bill Collison
Tina Collison
Nick Cook
Mike  Cope
Brett Corrieri
Paul Courtright
Andrew Coward
Jeff Crank
Rick Crawford
Jim Creel
Dick Cropp
Sue Cross
Tom Crothers
Robert Crowe
Charles Cruikshank
Joe Cynkar
Robert Dadik
John DeGelleke
Delaine Delaine
Dave Delo
John DeLong II
Paul Demmert
Greg Dick
Tom DiNardo
Jim  Donohoe
Bill Dooley
Henry Doolittle
Wells Doty
Ena Dubnoff
William Dudley
David Dudney
Lisa Cooper Dudney
Ken Dunlap
Jim Duxbury
Rita Duxbury
John  Ellenberger
Carol Ellis
John Ellis
James Ellsworth
David Elwart
Doug Esh
Hilde Ewing
Marvin Ewing
Dirk Falther
Jim Finley
Linda Finley
John Fisher
Jack Fleming
Mary Fleming
Richard Foa
Michael Foster
John Fox
Tom  Fox
Liz Frank
Nelson Freedman
John Freeman
Leopold Frilot Jr.
Dennis Fuge
Paul Gallick Jr.
Jerry Garrett
Rich Gibbs
Kathy Gindlesperger
Ronald  Gindlesperger
Greg Godwin
Reg Goeke
Marty Gottesman
Don Grant
Daryl Gray
Randy Gray
Rick Grazzini
Patrick Griffin
Jim Griffiths
Cliff Guard
Robert Haarer
Neil Haist
Thomas Hale
David Harp
Terry Harrison
Bill Hayes
Susan Hendricks
Robert Henry
Mark Hepburn
Dawn Herndon-Charles
Joe Herrmann
Ken Hertzog
Mona Hill
David Hitchcock
Stephen Hlasnicek
Griff Holmes
Rich Homar
Jim Hoskingson
Valletta Hudson
Fred Hummel
Michael Hunter
Katie Imler
Tim Janeway
Mike Jenior
Larry Jensen
Glenn Johnson
Michelle Jordan
Donald Jovag
Jeanne Jovag
Rick Judd
Michael Jungkurth
Raymond Kallman
Joe Katkic
John Keenan
Michael Kehs
David Keller
Jeffrey Keller
Becky Kephart
Deborah Kermode
Jerry Kermode
Bruce Kerns
Nancy Kerns
Dick Killam
Allen Kisling
Jordan Kitt
Dan Kozar
Rick Kristofik
Gerry Kumink

Jim Laird
Ana Marie Lappegard
Charlie LaPrease
Eric LaRue
Donna Lauzon
Charles LaVallee
Len Layman
Ron Layport
Alan Leland
William Lewis
Don Leman
Barbara Linden
Steve Loar
Dave Long
Karen Long
Rudolph Lopez
Jeff Luedloff
Larry Lukens
Terry Lund
Ryan Mack
Maury Mahan
James Mahan
Ed Malesky
Dan Maloney
Robert Martin
Becky Maruca
Karla Maruca
Steve McCall
Bill McCracken
Blake McCully
Craig McCune
Brandon McDonald
Ralph McKee
Mark McLauren
Steven McLoon
Michael Messina
Hal Metlitzky
Lilian Metlitzky
Nelson Meyer
Joe Mihelenko
Jim Mikkelsen
Larry Miller
Louis Mineweaser
Bruce Minnich
John Morand
Robin Moro
Joseph Moronski
Terry Morrill
Denise Morris
John Moss
Beth Moyer
Heather Muckley
Steve Mushinski
Jamie Myers
Maggie Myers
Mike Nathal
Vicki Neighbors
Robert Nelson
Cindy Navarro
Douglas North
Ken Nuzum
Mary Lou Nuzum
Thomas Olechiw
Mathew Overton
Ed Palascak
Devon Palmer
Scott Paris
Fred Park
John Parmelee
Rick Paterni
Jerome Perchinske
Dawn Petrie
Greg Potter
Steve Pritchard
Don Proctor
Isabel Quayle
Matt Radtke
Barbara Raymond-LaPrease
Kevin Rees
Wayne Reffner

Jerry Rhoads

David Rice
John Rice
Ricki Rice
Mike Richner
Molly Robb Shimko
Dan Robbins
Kayleen Robison
Jack Rolison
Joseph Rostas
Bob Rotche
Carol Ruminski
Joe Ruminski
Paul Sandler
Joseph Santucci Jr.
Tom Sasalar
Rachel Saul
Merryll Saylan
Dave Schelbe
Liz Scheurer
Mary Schick
Nick Schirz
John Schlueter
Jeffrey Schnell
Ariel Scholz
Greg Schramek
Buster Shaw
Ronald Sheehan
Jay Shepard
Ken Shimko
Liz Shore
Melvin Shuey
Jim Shuster
Anne Sinner
Craig Smith
Jonathan Smith
Pete Smith
Robert Smith
Wencil Smithco
Dennis Snider
Bill Sonntag
Leslie Spehar
Ralph Sprang
Eric Stackowicz
Loretta Stanish
Chris Stauff
Gil Steele
Riley Stensland
Sheri Stevens
Nancy Supik
Bob Summers
Liz Summers
Becky Swartzlander
Gene Swartzlander
Natalie Sweet
Karen Tewart
Robert Tewart
Bob Thomas
Carly Thornlow
Ronald Tomasch
Hy Tran
Steve Trauthwein
Michael Trucco
Alan Van Art
Peter Vandermeer
Linda VanGehuchten
Kenneth Vasko
Dick Veitch
Walter Wager
Steve Wagner
George Walker
Pamela Walukas
Dennis Watson
Larry Weaver
Gary Webster
Rick Weinbrenner
David Weiss
Joan Weiss
Ron Weiss
JoAnne Westerhaus
Peggy Wharrick
Gerald Williams
John Williams
Paul Williams
Frederick Williamson
Bob Wilson
Valerie Wilson
Pam Wood
Arthur Worth
Paul Yesko
Jan Zander
Bob Zetner
David Zurek

NOTE: We apologize if we have missed any volunteer names. If you know of a volunteer name that is not listed, please notify kim@woodturner.org.


Floor Plans

USDA Requirements:



The free Guidebook app for mobile devices will be available for the AAW 2015 Symposium again this year. With the app, you'll have all the rotations, demonstrators, trade show exhibitors, floor plans, and messaging at your fingertips.The Guidebook is ready to install now and you can save time by downloading the app before the symposium.




For the public...

the AAW symposium is an exceptional opportunity to learn about the art and craft of woodturning. The community is invited to browse symposium exhibitions and galleries, acquire turned work through our auctions, see tools and equipment and observe woodturning demonstrations in our tradeshow, and support local and national charitable causes. Learn more.

For registered attendees...

the symposium offers three and a half days of classroom-type demonstrations and panel discussions led by internationally known woodturners, veteran instructors, and expert woodturning talent. Additionally, registered attendees have opportunities to exhibit work, donate to charitable cause(s), and network with others who share a passion for woodturning.


Browse through our symposium booklet for the latest details.

Fun for family members.

Take along a spouse or partner. Spouses and partners of registered attendees may enjoy creative activities, demonstrations, and tours through our Companion Program (formerly Craft Room).


Bring a child or grandchild.

Create lasting memories and a legacy of passion for woodturning. Youth age 10 to 18 may attend our Youth Program free with a paid adult. Our Youth Program provides quality, hands-on woodturning instruction. Pre-registration is required. Learn more.


Give back to those in need...

through symposium fundraisers. Donate or purchase a turned item to benefit a charitable cause. Bid high in our auctions. Learn more.

For beginners and experts.

Whether you are an experienced turner or are just getting started, AAW’s Annual International Symposium has you covered. It will be three days full of topnotch demonstrations, panel discussions, exhibitions, and special events.


Broad topic appeal.

We’ll have something for everyone whether you’re into classic bowl turning, surface carving and embellishment, segmented turning, spindle turning, hollow vessels - or something else.

  • Learn from the best turners in the world.
  • Stay current on innovative techniques and tricks.
  • Observe and interact with top demonstrators.


Choose from a huge range of demonstrations, and panel discussions hosted by some of the world's best woodturning experts.

Collaborate, network and socialize.

Tap into a vast network of colleagues that share your passion for woodturning. Socialize with friends. Establish and renew connections.

Get noticed.

Share up to three pieces of your own work in the Instant Gallery. Browse the open market of more than 1,000 art works and crafts in wood.


the largest woodturning tradeshow anywhere featuring more than tool and lathe manufacturers, wood suppliers, and others with fantastic products and deals. Nothing beats holding a tool in your own hands or testing out the latest woodturning equipment. Nothing beats a good deal. Learn more.

Be inspired...

by the functional and sculptural works of contemporary wood artists in two juried international art shows. Learn more.


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