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Chapter Bulletin - July 2016
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 Chapter Bulletin - July 2016

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July 28, 2016

Hello Chapter Officer:

In this Bulletin

1. Recap of the 2016 AAW Atlanta Symposium
2. AAW VISION 2020 Strategic Initiatives
3. New AAW Video Source
4. AAW Membership Dues Changes
5. August Issue of American Woodturner
6. New AAW Guest Memberships
7. Announcement - 2017 AAW Board Vote

Recap of the 2016 AAW Atlanta Symposium 
Final registered attendance for the 2016 Symposium in Atlanta was 1,312. We project the financial outcome to be a positive net gain on target with the budget.

This was the first AAW Symposium held in Atlanta, neatly situated within a multi-state region highly populated with woodturners and AAW members.

On behalf of the AAW Board and staff, we are deeply indebted to the outstanding volunteer leadership. We especially acknowledge the efforts of Steve Pritchard, all of the local volunteer leads, the members of the Georgia Association of Woodturners, and other participating AAW chapters. Their contributions to the Symposium planning, logistics, and service experience were simply invaluable. Without their dedication and hard work, the event would not have been possible.

I would like to congratulate the winners of the Chapter Website and Newsletter Contests. For the Chapter Website Contest, first place went to Tidewater Turners of Virginia (Webmaster: Steve Wilson), in second place was San Diego Woodturners (Webmaster: David Heiser), and third place went to Valley Woodturners (Webmaster: George Jager). For the Chapter Newsletter Contest, first place went to Montgomery County Woodturners (Editor: Bill Long), second place was awarded to San Diego Woodturners (Editor: Dave John), and third place went to Central New York Woodturners (Editor: Barbara Raymond-LaPrease). We applaud your hard work and diligence in offering relevant and useful woodturning information to the members you serve.

Additionally, I would like to congratulate the two winners of the annual AAW Symposium lathe raffle. Patricia Houston, of Tucker, Georgia, won the Powermatic 3520B, and Kenneth Walls, of Eades, Tennessee, won the Jet 1221 Mini-Lathe. We thank Powermatic/Jet for donating the lathes and appreciate their ongoing dedication to supporting AAW's educational mission.

Each year, AAW collects feedback from Symposium attendees. This year, nearly 550 attendee responses were received online. Below are few notable measures:
  • 88% of responding attendees rated their overall experience at the Atlanta Symposium as Excellent/Very Good. This compares with 88%, 91%, and 79% for Pittsburgh, Phoenix, and Tampa, respectively. The percentage of attendees who rated their experience Excellent was 44% and was unchanged from the Pittsburgh Symposium.
  • Just over half of responding attendees indicated that Atlanta was either their first or second AAW Symposium, and 33% indicated they were first time attendees. This is nearly identical to the make-up in the prior three years.
  • With respect to the service experiences (and among the choices provided), assistance from volunteers and staff, and the registration area, rated most highly among respondents.
  • The demonstrations, galleries, and trade show ranked highest in importance (among the choices provided) for the most important individual aspects of Symposium. This is unchanged over the prior several years.
  • 94% of responding attendees reported making a trade show purchase.
  • The mission of the AAW is education and the ultimate goal of the AAW Symposium is to leave a positive impact on each attendee's turning experience. On the question related to fulfillment of our mission through the Symposium learning experience:
    • 91% of responding attendees rated, "I learned things that will help improve my technique" as 1 or 2 most important on a 5-point scale.
    • 89% similarly rated, "I learned things that will help develop my creative process."
    • 90% similarly rated, "I left the symposium more motivated to improve my skills."


AAW Vision 2020 Strategic Initiatives
A primary focus of the annual chapter meeting was the launch of Vision 2020, AAW's new strategic plan to build upon the organization's position as the go-to source for woodturning information. Based on solid research, the Vision 2020 plan is inclusive, with the intent to fulfill the needs of hobbyists, professionals, collectors, demonstrators, vendors, and others.

Between now and the year 2020, the AAW will roll out new initiatives and key enhancements to its portfolio of member benefits. Here is a brief summary of the key benefits coming for specific user groups.

Individual Turners

All turners will have direct access to a wide range of learning resources related to the individual turners' needs.

  • Online videos, from many sources, specific to key topics and learning targets;
  • Instructional publications, including past journal articles, categorized by skill level;
  • A directory of available learning opportunities, including regional symposia, professional workshops, and other resources.


Chapters of any size will be able to easily find information on demonstrators for chapter events.
  • Online access to a directory of demonstrators, which includes those entering the circuit and well-known professionals. The demonstrator directory will include:
    • Contact information;
    • Schedule, fees, project types, other details for booking;
    • Sample demonstrator contracts;
    • Procedures for setting up hands-on sessions.

Chapters will have use of a system for professional participation in chapter meetings, via electronic media.
AAW will support and assist chapters in developing increased membership.
  • AAW members will be encouraged to join a local chapter, including direct referrals to local chapters and contacts.



 Demonstrators will have direct access to chapters and other learning groups in all areas.
    • Access to a new online tool to help chapters coordinate and facilitate demonstrator scheduling and communications.
    • Resources to assist contracting and logistics.

  • Targeted learning resources will be available to demonstrators, and would-be demonstrators.



  • Professional turners will gain proficiency in marketing, promotions, pricing, networking, and other areas for building relationships with buyers.
    • Classes to be developed in conjunction with the AAW Symposium for professional development.
    • Opportunities for networking with other professionals, buyers, collectors, and galleries will be structured by the AAW to expand the markets for turned art.
    • AAW will act as a coordinator for scheduling events at regional symposia and other events.

Teachers & Craft Schools

  • Craft schools will be able to communicate their sessions, instructors, and schedules to a wide range of potential attendees.
    • An online directory of all craft schools that offer turning as part of their curricula will be available to all members, including information on location, schedule, cost, level of skill, and other information.
AAW Membership Dues Changes
At the June AAW Board meetings, two changes impacting membership dues were approved, effective October 1, 2016. These changes will be published in the August issue of American Woodturner.
  1. Dues will increase by $5 for U.S. membership types, as follows: General $60, Family $65, Educator $60, Student $24, Student Plus $29, Online $50, Artist $86, and Business $86. Dues will remain at 2015 rates for all U.S. members who renew before October 1, 2016.
  2. Dues for international memberships will be equivalent to U.S. membership rates and based in U.S. dollars before exchange rates are applied. This will eliminate the additional premium charged on international memberships in the past. International members who renew on or after October 1, 2016, will receive the new rate.
Since 2012, the Board has made substantial progress strengthening AAW's financial reserves to sustain and grow the organization. Membership dues support the long-term financial health of the AAW and fund all of our educational programs and services. This revenue will also enable us to deliver an expanded range of beneficial learning resources and value-added services recommended by members and chapters through AAW's Vision 2020 strategic initiatives.

New AAW Video Source
Also during the annual chapter officer meeting in Atlanta, AAW debuted its new AAW Video Source to help woodturners find high-quality online videos. More than ever before, woodturners are relying on the Internet for instructional materials-especially videos. But the number of videos available can be overwhelming, and their quality and attention to safety, lacking. If you are tired of spending hours sifting through YouTube videos that don't meet your needs, AAW Video Source can help. This site is open to all woodturners - whether or not they are AAW members. We think every woodturner will find this an invaluable tool to aid in their development and encourage you to share this information with all of your club members. The August issue of American Woodturner has more information about this exciting new offering from AAW.

 Share with your club members!  AAW Video Source ad  

New AAW Guest Membership Program
We would like to call attention to AAW's FREE new Guest membership, which is available to club members who are not yet AAW members.

By signing up for a free Guest membership, club members will have limited access to AAW member resources for a full 60 days. They'll be able to explore what the AAW has to offer, kick our tires, and hopefully decide to become a full-fledged AAW member and benefit from everything the AAW has to offer.

Our Guest membership page, at tiny.cc/AAWGuest (case sensitive), has handy resources for getting started in woodturning. Included with the Guest membership is a selection of articles from American Woodturner and Woodturning FUNdamentals, as well as access to the Safety Guidebook for Woodturners, AAW Connects search tool, AAW Video Source, and more.

We are grateful to chapters who have already taken the initiative to share information about the Guest membership on their club websites and in chapter newsletters.

AAW Guest Membership ad
Share with your club members!

Guest Membership Ad (jpg format)

August Issue of American Woodturner
The August issue of our American Woodturner publication will begin to arrive this week. Here is a small sampling of the many informative feature articles:
  • Graceful and Versatile Stands. A project that highlights precision and details in faceplate and spindle turning, by Chris Grace.
  • Build Your Skills and Train Your Eye by Turning a Sphere. Kip Christensen shows how turning a sphere can teach you a thing or two.
  • Segments with Sketch Up. A simple and powerful tool to visualize your work in three dimensions, by David Heim.
  • Make Your Own Soft Jaws. Works like a four-jaw chuck, but without tool marks, by Bill Ooms.
  • Balloon Assist for Filling Voids. Turning imperfections into assets with some ingenuity and hot air, by Peter M. Smith.
Vote for the 2017 AAW Board Candidates
We encourage you to spread the word to chapter members about the voting process for AAW's 2017 Board and hope you will help make this election turnout significant. Voting begins August 1, 2016. Votes must be received in the Saint Paul office by midnight CST on October 21, 2016.

The six candidates selected by the Nominating Committee listed alphabetically are:
  • Rick Baker
  • David Heim
  • Ken Ledeen
  • Greg Schramek
  • Mike Summerer
  • Molly Goodfellow Winton
Candidate statements are published in the August issue of American Woodturner and candidate information, can be found on the AAW website at tiny.cc/BoardVote (case sensitive).

There are two ways to vote:
  1. Electronic ballot, available on the AAW website at tiny.cc/BoardVote (case sensitive), or 
  2. Paper ballot. If you would like to cast your vote by paper ballot, please request a paper ballot by contacting the AAW at 651-484-9094, 877-595-9094 (toll free), or inquiries@woodturner.org.
Yours respectfully,


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