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Chapter Bulletin - June 2015
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Chapter Bulletin - June 2015

This email is being sent to all chapter officers.
The contents should be shared with club members as appropriate.
June 9, 2015

Hello Chapter Officers:


We have used the past several Chapter Bulletins as vehicles to offer wider glimpses into the upcoming AAW Annual International Symposium in Pittsburgh. In this Bulletin, we are providing you with the complete symposium event Planning Guide. Even if you are not planning to attend, I hope you will enjoy reading through it and will take away an appreciation for the collective efforts by all of our volunteers and for the generous support given to us by our vendors. If you are planning to be there in person, the Planning Guide will give you a head start in planning your activities. You will also see the diverse collection of talented demonstrators and panelists who will be covering virtually all corners of woodturning. We often mention collaborations as a way of describing two or more turners working together on a turned piece. The AAW Symposium is truly a collaboration on a grander scale - one of ideas and people coming together.

This year, we are planning to produce a number of short technique-oriented videos and capture several full demonstrations. This will provide a source of new instructional content that we will be making available to all of our members over the next year. I want to sincerely thank all chapter officers for their support in promoting symposium attendance in Pittsburgh.

In this Chapter Bulletin:
1. 2016 AAW Board of Directors Candidates
2. Pittsburgh Symposium Final Announcements
3. Inside the June Issue of American Woodturner
4. Preview of the July Issue of Woodturning FUNdamentals
5. A New Teaching Resource

Announcing 2016 AAW Board of Directors Candidates
The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following six candidates who are running for positions on the AAW board of directors. Listed alphabetically, they are:

Allen Alexopulos
Joe Dickey
John Ellis
Wayne Furr
David Heim
Ken Ledeen

AAW members elect a nine-member board, who volunteer their time and energy to represent the membership in moving the AAW forward. Board members may serve two consecutive three-year terms.

AAW members may vote for up to three candidates between August 1 and October 16, 2015. Candidate statements will be published in the August issue of American Woodturner.

There are two ways to vote:

1) Electronic ballot, which will be available on the AAW website, or

2) Paper ballot NEW THIS YEAR: If you would like to vote by paper ballot, please request an official paper ballot and return envelope be sent to you by calling or emailing the AAW office at 877-595-9094 or inquiries@woodturner.org.
AAW's auditor, Olsen Thielen & Company, will oversee the voting process and will tabulate votes submitted electronically and by official paper ballot. All votes must be cast electronically or received in the Olsen Thielen & Company office between August 1, 2015, and midnight CST October 16, 2015.

We encourage you to get the word out to your chapter members to participate in the voting process and hope you will help make this election turnout significant.

2015 AAW Pittsburgh Symposium - Final Announcements

1) Online Auctions
Photos of all of the art featured in the annual benefit auctions have been published, and bidding in advance is available on the AAW remote auction website. When we expanded bidding to a worldwide audience last year, we saw the average price per piece rise by 40%. We hope to keep that momentum going this year and have put together a more concerted early promotion plan. Getting the word out about the Educational Opportunity Grant (EOG) live auction is particularly critical because the auction is the primary source for the EOG funds distributed through grants to chapters and individuals. We encourage your support in passing along information about the auctions, and we especially ask those who are actively involved in social media to post links on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.
Here is the link to the remote online auction site:  www.auction2015.woodturner.org, and the accompanying 2015 AAW Annual Benefit Auctions brochure.

The 2015 AAW Annual Benefit Auctions brochure takes a step beyond merely cataloging all of the auction items and more fully explains who we are, what our mission is, and illustrates the worthy causes for which the auctions provide critical funding.

2) Pittsburgh Symposium Program Preview

In the past several Bulletins, information has been provided about the demonstrators and events planned in Pittsburgh. We have now published the complete event Planning Guide describing in detail all of the programs and activities. We are proud to share it with you.
3) Downtown Pittsburgh Hotels

If you have not made hotel arrangements and still want to take advantage of staying downtown, the reduced rates available at Pittsburgh Marriott City Center Hotel are scheduled to expire on June 10th. There is a possibility that the hotel may grant us extension if rooms still remain, but that is not assured. We have made arrangements for frequent shuttle service to transport attendees to and from the hotels and the convention center.

4) Annual Chapter Meeting in Pittsburgh

The agenda for this year's annual chapter meeting will focus on services and communications, allowing for presentation of what has been accomplished and what is planned by the AAW going forward, and will serve as a forum to listen to your ideas and concerns. There will be a segment devoted to a review of the new service and communications projects that have been implemented over the past year. We will also be introducing facets of a new planning process that will undertake an across-the-board review of all services and publications available through membership in AAW. We are making a commitment to take a hard look at what turners tell us we are doing well and what we are not doing well, and we intend to identify gaps between what we are offering and what woodturners actually need. To stimulate your thinking, an overview brief explaining the planning effort at high level is included here:
The chapter meeting will also allow for an interactive exchange among chapter officers about successes within their chapters. And there will be a facilitated open Q&A session with the AAW board and staff.

June Issue of American Woodturner

The June issue of our American Woodturner journal should have arrived by now. Our use of video to complement the journal's features is expanding. The May/June issue offers a number of practical and inspirational articles expected to appeal to all woodturners, as follows:
  • Turn a Decorative Inlay Ring. Cut the perfect circle for an inlay, by Bill Wells.
  • Turn a Purse Box. From simple to elaborate, here's a turned-box project with a lot of creative latitude, by Walt Wager.
  • Shopmade Beading Tool. Introduce simple decorative elements to your spindles and bowls while giving new life to an old tool, by Bob Patros.
  • Pseudo Segmenting with Epoxy Resin. Open up creative possibilities with Jim Rinde as he demonstrates a new approach to achieving the look of a segmented turning.
  • A French Rolling Pin with Flair. Tim Heil introduces us to a simple kitchen utensil, updated with distinctive Euro style.
  • On Set with Tim Yoder. It's not easy to turn wood and talk at the same time, but Tim Yoder has the knack, by David Heim.
  • Tangible Mirages: The Authentic Illusions of Jacques Vesery, AAW Professional Outreach Program's 2015 Merit Award Recipient. Captivating the viewer through a mesmerizing fusion of the realistic and the imaginative, by Michael C. McMillan.


Preview of July Issue of Woodturning FUNdamentals
We're excited about the features and projects we will presenting in the coming issue of Woodturning FUNdamentals, which will be released in early July. For your review, we've created a special preview edition with two complete articles. These include a fun safety tip written by Harvey Rogers, safety officer for the Cascade Woodturners Association in Portland, Oregon, and an extremely informative article all about obtaining wood from free sources, written by David Schell, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. Please feel free to forward this preview edition to all of your chapter members.
Woodturning FUNdamentals Preview
New Teaching Resource

Later this June, AAW will be introducing a new publication, Teaching Resources: Woodturners Guide for Business Protection, a free resource that offers information for protecting your art and business assets. This publication has been designed for all individual woodturners and chapters. It was produced in conjunction with the Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF+) and we are grateful for their cooperation.

The AAW's Teaching Resources program offers reference materials and project resources designed specifically to meet the interests and needs of the woodturning community.

Yours respectfully,



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