Honorary Lifetime Members

The AAW Board of Directors at its discretion, awards the distinction of Honorary Lifetime Member to those who, in its judgement, have made extraordinary contributions to the American Association of Woodturners and the advancement of woodturning, such as:

  • Demonstrated a commitment and provided exceptional service and assistance to AAW.  
  • Excellent character worthy of the award as an Honorary Lifetime Member of AAW.    
  • Prominent contributor to the field of woodturning and AAW membership 10+ consecutive years.  
  • Recognized by professional organizations related to AAW and the field of woodturning.  
  • Presenter at conferences such as AAW, mini-symposiums or other related woodturning organizations  
  • Has not served on the Board for at least three years prior to the date of presentation of award  
  • Candidates are appointed by a unanimous decision of the AAW board.

Below is a cumulative list of those recognized with the Honorary Lifetime Member award, along with links to a summary of their contributions.