2021 WIT Virtual EXCHANGE

WIT EXCHANGE Presentation of Projects, June 19, 2021 (TRT 2:25:14)

WIT EXCHANGE: Presentation of Projects - Cockmamie Conspirators Segment (TRT 4:41)


WIT EXCHANGE Slideshow with Music (TRT 3:52)

Come Celebrate the Process of Creativity!

Eighty-eight women from 7 countries became 27 collaborative teams. Their collective efforts will be showcased during this event.

Please join us as we enjoy the creativity and diverse experiences shared and used by these makers for this collaboration.

The 2021 Virtual WIT EXCHANGE presentation of projects on June 19th at 3pm EDT is a virtual art show that includes a rare look behind the scenes at the creative process. Each team documented, then, condensed their journey into lively, thought provoking, creative, sometimes humorous, and always entertaining 5 minute presentations introducing their project and summarizing their creative process. It is our hope you will find inspiration in these projects to enhance of your own creative process.

ALL WIT Presents events are FREE and open to EVERYONE. However, you must register to attend. Registration for this event is now open on the AAW website, please use and share this link: http://tiny.cc/WITExchange21Presentation with everyone you know. Once registered, you will receive an email with a link to access the event.

If you miss the live event, you will be able to view the recorded event in the archive.


The past years have shown us how important the EXCHANGE  has become to a community of women turners in stimulating creativity, fostering collaboration, and facilitating self-confidence.

After the success of the first Virtual WIT EXCHANGE, the WIT Committee has committed to continue the program and expand it to include as many women as possible this year. We encourage all prior participants to reach out to their circle of artist friends (in any media) to consider participating in the 2021 Virtual EXCHANGE .  

The WIT committee believes that introducing artists from other media into this EXCHANGE  will open new avenues for creativity. At the same time, the art of woodturning will be introduced to an entirely different group of women. The Virtual EXCHANGE  creates an environment which will expand awareness of woodturning beyond our current community.  This exposure to different media will also foster infinite creative opportunities.

The WIT EXCHANGE  welcomes women of all skill level. It is a collaborative project that will enhance skills, friendships, and self-confidence. It’s designed to be hard work, but lots of FUN!

Here is how it works:

  • The goal of this EXCHANGE is to push you to the next level in your creative process. Learn or share new techniques. Network with an expanded community of women artists.
  • The first meeting is an orientation - meeting all the participants, choose words and find out who your teammates will be for this EXCHANGE.
  • All projects officially start after the orientation meeting.
  • Teams meet for creative brainstorming, agree on concept, then each team creates a project (focusing on the process and documenting along the way.)


For more information view these articles on past EXCHANGES:



Iconic Generosity
Cypress, walnut, onyx
8"x 8" x 13.5"
Team: Lakes to Ocean; Heather Marusiak, Kansas; Phyllis Moffitt, Florida; Dima Tawakkol, Michigan

Tactile Reflection
Hard maple, spalted maple, sycamore, cherry, poplar, birch, dichroic glass, glass stringers, stained glass, glass beads, LED lighting, acrylic paint
11"x 14" x 10"
Team: 3 Babe Enclave-Marie Anderson, Illinois; Ann Demko, Kentucky; Mary Phillips, Michigan

Escaping Turbulence
Plywood, poplar, glass
10" x 13.5"
Team: Nye Venner/New Friends-Bitten Eckhardt-Hansen, Denmark; Laura VanLeeuwen, The Netherlands; Iris Laven, The Netherlands

Fragile Diversity
Wood (black oak, cedar, red oak), encaustic wax, yard debris, paint, shou sugi ban charring, silver spray paint, deep pour epoxy, pigments
20" x 7.5"x 7.5"
Team: We Got Lathed-Cheryl Lewis, California; Jackie Cheyne, California; Noele DeSafey, California

Voluptuous Gifts
Sycamore (Acer psuedoplatanus), gold leaf, acrylic paint, corrugated cardboard
12" x 12" x 12"
Team: Accents From Across the Pond-Mary Ashton, England; Margaret Garrard, England; Jay Heryet, Wales; Helen Bailey England

Slideshow of work from the 2020 WIT Virtual EXCHANGE