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Annual Online (digital) membership offers full access to all online content and includes six digital issues of American Woodturner,  four digital issues of Woodturning FUNdamentals,  as well as availability of demonstrator, maker and educator profiles on the AAW website.

Membership features:

  • Six (6) digital issues of American Woodturner 
  •  Four (4) digital issues of Woodturning FUNdamentals 
  • Full online access to all published content, current and archived 
  • AAW digital membership card 
  • Voting privileges in annual elections 
  • AAW members, when serving in roles on behalf of AAW, are insured under the AAW general liability policy. 
  • AAW enewsletters: AAW Tool Box (weekly), Keep Turning with AAW (bimonthly)
  • Public profile as a demonstrator plus image availability  
  • Public profile as a maker plus image availability

1 Year Membership