Demonstrator Direct: Develop a Demonstration

Welcome to Demonstrator Direct

AAW’s Demonstrator Direct: Develop A Demonstration is a learning module with resources intended for any turner who has been or will be conducting woodturning demonstrations.

Our goal is to help you plan and present a more successful woodturning demonstration. When you know and apply all the elements of an effective demonstration, your efforts will be rewarded. You will be a more relaxed, effective presenter, and your audience will have a more enjoyable, worthwhile learning experience.
For this learning module, we classify demonstrator expertise in the following categories:

Local: Demonstrates at the demonstrator’s own chapter.

Regional: Demonstrates at chapters within the local geographical region, including other chapters and some of the smaller regional symposiums.

National: Demonstrates at large regional symposiums and the AAW Annual Symposium.

Remote: Demonstrators who conduct interactive live demonstrations via teleconference over the internet with two-way communication both audio and visual. Click here to see a video with more background information, "Rethinking Woodturning Demonstrations Using Live Video."