Call for Entry: Form | Content 2023 Professional Outreach Program (POP) Exhibition and Auction


  • Applications are OPEN through January 15, 2023
  • Notification date: All will be notified by January 31, 2023
  • Exhibition Dates: AAW Gallery of Wood Art, February 26-May 19, 2023; AAW Symposium, June 1-3, Online/Live Auction June 3
  • Eligibility: Current AAW membership at any level, including Affiliate (trial) membership
  • Fee: $25 for up to three separate pieces. Fees waived for students in full-time accredited art- or wood industry-related programs or apprenticeships.


The Professional Outreach Program is pleased to announce the 2023 exhibition theme, Form | Content. Since 2007, the annual POP show and auction, featuring small-scale works by an international roster of talented emerging and established artists, has been a highlight of the year. The entry period starts December 1, but the time to start thinking and planning is now!

Why is the theme Form | Content?
POP themes are chosen to provide a springboard for creative ideas. Faced with limitless possibilities, psychology shows that the response is often to do nothing at all. Along with the size restriction (6” x 6” x 6”) and the use of the lathe in the process for juried work, the POP theme provides a creative constraint that spurs thinking and imagination.

Form and content refer to two distinct but essential and interwoven aspects of an object: form is the composition, techniques used, medium, color, pattern; content is what the form communicates or evokes: subject matter, meaning, concept, feelings.

As a theme, Form | Content offers many different possibilities: from statements on pure craft (the form is the full meaning or purpose), to thinking about how we use wood, shape, texture, color, surface design, etc. to convey meaning beyond function and beyond. As a play on words, ‘content’ can also refer to the state of being content, or to the contents of a container, since turners are often vessel makers and vessels hold content(s). The theme makes space for all forms of turning.

Eligibility/application details

  • The juried portion of the show is open to any AAW member and to full-time students in art, design, or industry-related degree programs, regardless of membership status.
  • Application Period: December 1, 2022, to January 15, 2023
  • All types of turnings are welcome: sculptural, functional, segmented, ornamental, green-turned, etc.
  • All entries must include turning, but any material may be used.
  • Work, as it will be displayed, must fit into the area of a 6" cube. No exceptions.
  • Up to three works may be entered. Only one piece per artist will be exhibited, if chosen.
  • Entry fee: $25 for up to three submissions. Fee is waived for full-time students in art, design, or industry-related degree programs.
  • A theme statement of no more than 100 words is required.


Where and when to apply

  • Application period: December 1, 2022, to January 15, 2023, 11:59 p.m. CST.
  • All artists will be notified by January 31, 2023.


Other info

Entry images
Submit digital images in .jpg format, less than 4 MB per file. You may submit up to three images of each entry. The work is juried through photographs, so it is important that images are clear, properly exposed, and in focus. A plain background is recommended. Instagram-styled images are discouraged.

On view
Form | Content will premiere at the AAW Gallery of Wood Art in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and be on view February 26 to May 19, 2023, before traveling to Louisville for the 2023 AAW Symposium, June 1-4. Live/Online auction June 3.

Delivery and display
Accepted work must be shipped to arrive at the AAW Gallery of Wood Art in Saint Paul by February 14, 2023. Artwork must be ready for installation—freestanding or with an easel or other support provided. Support subject to approval.

This show concludes with a live and online auction at the AAW Symposium. Funds raised support POP programs, including the Instant Gallery awards, critiques, fellowships, Artist Showcase, panel discussions, and other professional development initiatives. Artists may set a reserve price and retain up to 50% of the proceeds.

Artworks will be professionally photographed and compiled in a full-color catalog. Participating artists receive complimentary copies.


For more, contact Tib Shaw at [email protected].