POP Fellowship Grant Application


What is the POP Fellowship Grant?

The purpose of the POP Fellowship Grant is to encourage creative growth or research to provide inspiration for new directions in turned wood art. An applicant might be interested in pushing their work creatively in a new direction, working in collaboration with another artist, exploring new materials, a new way of using existing materials, etc.

What the POP Fellowship Grant is NOT.

This grant is not to be confused with the Financial Grants. If you wish to apply to take a woodturning course or attend a woodturning conference, you should consider the Financial Grant for that purpose. This grant also is not intended for chapter projects or collaborative chapter projects.

Application Limitations

Each applicant may submit only one application per year, and they can continue to apply in successive years. Previous winners may re-apply after six grant cycles i.e. every six years. Current members of the POP Committee or elected officials of the AAW or its employees, or members of their families are not eligible for grant awards.

Distribution of Award

The dollar amount of grants issued will be at the discretion of the Grants Committee and based on the quality of proposals submitted and availability of grant funds.