Sharpening Woodturning Tools

A woodturner is only as sharp as his tools!

Here are 16 practical articles on sharpening tools for woodturning—the essential skill that every turner must master—expert shop-tested information from American Woodturner, official journal of the American Association of Woodturners. What you can learn from this book:

• How to choose among dry grinders, wet grinders, and belt systems.

• How to set up every kind of sharpening equipment.

• What grinding angles are best for every kind of turning tool including scrapers, gouges, and skews.

• How to hone sharpening tools for the perfect edge

• Why you need to sharpen early and sharpen often

• How to modify sharpening machines and build your own sharpening equipment.

Since 1986, American Woodturner has been the leading journal for practical and reliable information written by woodturners for their fellow woodturners. Sharpening Turning Tools, compiled from this authoritative resource, is available as a 72-page printed book.

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