Dennis Belcher

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Categories: Local, Regional, International or Live Remote
AAW international symposia, Interactive Remote Demo by Internet, Local demonstrations, Regional demonstrations
Carving, Color and texture, Decorative, Embellishment, Multi-Axis, Projects
Additional demonstration information
All of these demonstrations can be done remotely.
1. Good Wood Cracks - Artful repair techniques for cracks.
2. MultiAxis Vase - Functional vase disk turned on three axis
3. From a Board to a Vase - Functional Vase from a single board turned with little equipment.
4. Drilling on the Lathe - the things they never told you.
5. Tuning Your Lathe - make a lathe your friend, not something you fight.
Full information is available on my website, DennisBelcher.Com under the demonstration tab.
Teaching venues
Chapter meetings, Craft Schools, International symposia, Regional US symposia, Shop or studio
Hands-on group size
8 to 12
$200 to $400
Power Point