Scott Grove

Demonstrator Profile

Categories: Local, Regional, International or Live Remote
AAW international symposia, Interactive Remote Demo by Internet, Local demonstrations, Regional demonstrations
Color and texture, Decorative, Embellishment, Ornamental (OT), Ornaments, Other , Pen Turning, Projects, Sculpture, Specialty
Additional demonstration information
Alternative inlay - mineral, shell, metal
Opal & Paul abalone shell rims and lining
Crystal Calcite inlay
Silver Filigree Inlay
Cold Metal Casting and Mold Making
Resin Casting - stabilizing, and hybrid casting
Gold leafing - oil and water gilding
Specialty finishing polychrome & crackle finishes
Teaching venues
Chapter meetings, Craft Schools, International symposia, Regional US symposia, Shop or studio
Hands-on group size
8 to 12
Contact for information
Power Point