Scott Grove

Demonstrator Profile

Categories: Local, Regional, International or Live Remote
AAW international symposia, Interactive Remote Demo by Internet, Local demonstrations, Regional demonstrations
Color and texture, Decorative, Embellishment, Ornamental (OT), Ornaments, Other (undefined), Pen Turning, Projects, Sculpture, Specialty
Additional demonstration information
Alternative inlay - mineral, shell, metal
Opal & Paul abalone shell rims and lining
Crystal Calcite inlay
Silver Filigree Inlay
Cold Metal Casting and Mold Making
Resin Casting - stabilizing, and hybrid casting
Gold leafing - oil and water gilding
Specialty finishing polychrome & crackle finishes
Teaching venues
Chapter meetings, Craft Schools, International symposia, Regional US symposia, Shop or studio
Hands-on group size
8 to 12
Contact for information
Power Point