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Tips: High-Build-Up, Finish-Drying Tool
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High-Build-Up, Finish-Drying Tool

This is a drying device that I made, copying one that Jan Panek had made. The devise allows thick finishes to dry evenly. With the piece attached to a chuck, apply one thick coat of finish and turn the machine on.  It rotates at 10rpm and will keep the finish from running. The pieces I’ve finished on this device have a thick, deep finish and look as if I have applied twenty-five coats.

Parts needed:

  • Slow-speed motor (I use a barbeque rotisserie motor)
  • Chuck one large bolt with a 1” (25mm) x 8tpi and nut to fit your chuck
  • Two 1” (25mm) bearings
  • Two brackets
  • 1.375” (10mm) bolt, with the end squared to fit the motor


Drill into the end of the 1” (25mm) bolt so that the.375” (10mm) bolt sets .75” (19mm) into it. Drill and tap the inside of the 1” (25mm) bolt to hold the .375” (10mm) bolt with a setscrew. Loosen the setscrew when applying finish. The 1” (25mm) nut, which is also drilled and tapped, serves as a stop for the chuck.

~ Lou DeMola, Clifton Park, NY

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