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Tips: Duct Tape in the Shop
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Duct tape in the shop


When I remove a natural-edge bowl from the chuck to reverse chuck to finish the bottom, I use a roll of duct tape with the jaws expanded into the inside of the roll. This provides a little cushion inside the bowl and protects the work from marks from the jaws.  Align the live center into the center mark of your tenon and secure the tailstock. Continue the flow of the outside bowl curve and make sure the bottom of the bowl has a little concave to it, allowing the bowl to sit flush on a flat surface. Use a saw to remove the final nib and then sand.




*J.P. Neff's article, Natural edge bowl, was featured in Woodturning FUNdamentals, September 2015, volume 4, issue 5, pages 2-5.



I wanted to ask J.P. Neff* how he maintains an even wall thickness around a natural edge bowl. I have trouble getting the thickness on the wings to match the thickness in the low areas. I would appreciate it if you could pass the question along.



Peter Keith

South Haven, MI



Here's how to maintain even wall thickness on a Natural Edge Bowl.


1.      Establish your desired wall thickness on approximately the first 1" of you your bowl.

2.      Set your calipers to match that wall thickness.

3.      The calipers are set at a known width and slid down the bowl wall, with the lathe off. 

4.      When it begins to hang you know that more wood needs to be removed at that area. 

5.      Trimming cuts like this need to be done gently. 

6.      Continue to check the uniformity of the wall thickness regularly with the calipers.


~ J.P. Neff

San Diego, CA







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