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Demonstrators (alphabetical)

  Demonstrators by topic area

Eli Avisera, Israel
Mark Baker, England
Donna Zills Banfield, NH
Marilyn Campbell, ON
Jeff Chelf, NC
Kip Christensen, UT
Mark Dreyer, IL
Cindy Drozda, CO
Karen Freitas, CA
Keith Gotschall, CO
Steven  Hatcher, WA
Kristin LeVier, ID
Eric Lofstrom, WA
Tom Lohman, MN
Jon Magill, OR
Guilio Marcolongo, Australia
Wayne Miller, MA
Kai Muenzer, AB
Mike Peace, GA
Ed Pretty, BC
Graeme Priddle, NC
Rick Rich, WA
Jay Shepard, WA
Al Stirt, VT
Dan Tilden, OR
Hans Weissflog, Germany
Ray Wright, UT


  • Keith Gotschall 
  • Kip Christensen 
  • Eric Lofstrom 
  • Ed Pretty 
  • Rick Rich

Segmenting Techniques

  • Tom Lohman 
  • Wayne Miller

Ornamental Turning

  • Jon Magill

Penturning Tips and Techniques

  • Mark Dreyer 
  • Ray Wright

Vessels and Hollow Forms

  • Dan Tilden 
  • Stephen Hatcher 
  • Cindy Drozda 
  • Marilyn Campbell 
  • Karen Freitas

Embellishing and Finishing

  • Lauren Zenreich
  • Hans Weissflog 
  • Mike Peace 
  • Donna Zils Banfield 
  • Eli Avisera 
  • Jay Shepard 
  • Graeme Priddle 
  • Stephen Hatcher

Boxes and Lids

  • Al Stirt 
  • Guilio Marcolongo 
  • Kai Muenzer
  • Cindy Drozda 
  • Mark Baker

Sculpture and Inspiration

  • Jeff Chelf 
  • Kristin LeVier

Turning for Furniture

  • Kai Muenzer 
  • Rick Rich


Youth Program Demonstrators

  • Paul Carter with Kip Christensen: One Session, Christmas Ornament and Ornament Stand 
  • Paul Carter: One Session, Project Probably a Twist Pen 
  • Kip Christensen: Ball and Cup Game 
  • Kailee Bosch: Two Sessions, Cupcake Box, Flower Pot 
  • Bonnie Klein: Two Sessions, Stick Pen, Magic Wand 
  • Nick Cook: Two Sessions, Candlestick, Ring Holder
More information about demonstrations and schedule, coming soon.




Panel Discussions

Turning With Physical Limitations

  • Panelists: Andi Sullivan, Alan Zenreich, Brent English (Others to be announced)

Join us for an interactive session which includes a panel discussion about teaching with physical  and mental  limitations, descriptions of lathe modifications to assist physical challenges, and a demonstration of the newest technologies such as remote demos with enlarged screens for close-up views and closed captions for the hearing impaired.

If you have trouble standing or holding tools, are aging or have a disability which interferes with your turning, need advice on workplace organization, or want to teach or help someone with such issues to keep turning, this panel will address and help answer your concerns and questions.


Professional Outreach Program

Artists Showcase – Evolution of an Artist

  • David Ellsworth, moderator 
  • Vivien Grandouiller 
  • Sally Burnett


  • Mark Sfirri, moderator 
  • John Mydock 
  • Marilyn Campbell 
  • Melissa Engler

Packing Fragile Work for Shipping

  • Paul Fennell, moderator 
  • Tib Shaw 
  • Kristen LeVier

Photography: What are juries looking for? Start to finish creation of a good photo.

  • John Beaver, moderator 
  • Tib Shaw 
  • TBA

Craft Shows: Tips for a good booth setup and creative ways to display your work.

  • David Ellsworth 
  • Mark Waninger  
  • Christian Burchard 
  • Sally Ault

Collectors of Wood Art (CWA): What are collectors looking for? Outreach to new and young collectors, museums, and galleries.

  • John Beaver, moderator 
  • Michael McMillan 
  • Judy Chernoff 
  • TBA      






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